Temp Mail for Facebook & Social Media [TESTED]

Temp Mail for Facebook & Social Media [TESTED]
Published in : 21 Jan 2023

Temp Mail for Facebook & Social Media [TESTED]

Every time using your personal Email to make a Facebook account and get the verification code is annoying. Use Temp Mail for Facebook from now onwards.

If you use your personal Email to Sign-Up for accounts every time you may get annoyed with all the irrelevant promotional emails in your personal inbox which is not a good idea at all. Especially when you are not interested in that specific product. 

The solution is the Use of  Temp Mail.

Nowadays almost everyone has a social media account, and they spent most of their time on social media scrolling up and down for no reason. 

But we observe that many people forget their social media passwords after making the account. 

Is It A Good Idea To Use Tamp Mail For Facebook Account Creation?

Yes, if you do not want to get junky emails on your personal mail then Temp Mail is the best solution to sign up for any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

And if you are OK with these emails it's good to use your personal Email Address on all online platforms, whether it is social media or online shopping websites. 

Facebook Allows Temp Mail?

Here is the important question, using Disposable Email for social media platforms is easy if they allow such emails.

Here we will try to answer. 

The truth is most social media platforms don't allow Temp Mail to Sign-Up a new account because of many reasons. 

Reasons Facebook Don't Allow Temp Mail for Account Creation

  • Spamming
  • Fake Accounts
  • Verification Problem


Yes, we know that temp emails are free to use and no mobile number and verifications are needed. So people use such emails and spam which is not a good thing. 

Even if you are using your personal email and spamming it is bad. Your Facebook account will be banned by Facebook if you do spam. 

So Do not ever try to do spamming online.

Fake Account

A fake account is another truth. Most of the users make fake accounts and they use these accounts for different purposes. 

Sometimes we create a dummy account to prank our friends and family members, it's okay and fun. 

But there are bad peoples also who use this kind of account and fraud people which is not legal at all. 

Verification Problem

Yes, normally when we create a personal email address using Gmail, Yahoo, etc they asked for our phone number and sent a verification code, which we have to provide for the acc point verification. 

Without, a phone number you can not make an email address. This is to verify that you are the person who is making the email address. 

It is also helpful to track all the records of your email if there is any legal issue happened later. So it is always important and a good idea to verify the person. 

Temp Mail has no such options or process to verify, which is a drawback of Temp Mail Email services. 

Above are some reasons Facebook not allowed Temp Mail for account creation.

When Does Facebook Use Temp Mail for Sign-Up?

 Facebook only allows it if the temp mail you are using is professional and has not been used in spamming before. 

If the email service you are using is not black listed by Facebook then there is a chance to allow for Sign-Up.

Or try to find a new Temp Mail service which is not used by many people so it may be clean. So you an try that email to make an account on Facebook.