How to Avoid LinkedIn Spam, Keep Your LinkedIn Experience Spam-Free?

How to Avoid LinkedIn Spam, Keep Your LinkedIn Experience Spam-Free?
Published in : 18 Aug 2023

How to Avoid LinkedIn Spam, Keep Your LinkedIn Experience Spam-Free?

How to Avoid LinkedIn Spam, Keep Your LinkedIn Experience Spam-Free?

All the spam messages are just to waste your time and it’s only a clutter. However, it’s a bit challenging to determine between spam and real messages.

But, if you have ever felt it difficult to find out spam messages then here are a few tips for you below:

But before discussing those tips, let me explain to you that numerous of my clients have reported being confused about the difference between automated communications and spam as LinkedIn automation has grown.

They are not the same thing. If done correctly, automation can be utilized to initiate sincere discussions. On the other hand, spam is never wanted or helpful. Here are some of spam's telltale symptoms.

Actions to Take

Now that you’ve determined a message is spam, consider taking one or more actions to mitigate receiving unwanted outreach. 

After figuring out the spam message, you should take more of a step against that to stop receiving these kinds of messages on LinkedIn.

  1. Disable Sponsored InMail and InMail messages. 
  2. Ignore being invited. 
  3. Disconnect the line. 
  4. Block the person. 
  5. Use the three dots in the top right corner of the message you received to report it.
  6. In my experience, LinkedIn does a great job of keeping its platform safe and secure. 

Spam messages are extremely annoying and it is also a bit dangerous. It might be bullying, harassment, etc. Then, check out the following resources to resolve this issue.

  • LinkedIn’s security blog 
  • LinkedIn’s security hub 
  • LinkedIn’s Safety Center

You can report to all these resources for reporting harassment, and abuse and pull together the articles related to issues that you are facing. Also, they help cover a few topics related to security. 

How you can avoid spam by using Temp Mail, Temporary Email, or Disposable Email?

What is a disposable email address? 

A temporary email account known as a 10 Minutes Email or a disposable email address enables users to receive emails without revealing their primary email address. Spam and unwanted messages are prevented with it. These email addresses are ideal for one-time usage because they expire after a specific amount of time.

Additionally, you can use temporary email addresses, which are proxies for your real email address and are erased after a set amount of time, to sign up for other websites. They are also referred to by various names, including trash emails, anonymous emails, and phone emails.

Also, there are only two ways to get a temporary email:

  1. You can easily use disposable email services like Temp Mial, 10-minute mail, etc.
  2. Make a temp mail by using email providers like Gmail, Outlook, etc.

Temp Mail - Disposable Temporary Email

As mentioned earlier that Temp Mail is considered one of the best disposable temporary email providers that allows you completely safe and free temporary emails. It is very helpful in avoiding spam and a great way to keep your data safe and secure. It also offers you a premium plan of approximately $10 per month and it charges $60 to get a yearly plan. 


Following are some of the amazing features that they both offer: 

  • Connect a domain of your choosing
  • It can simultaneously establish up to 10 addresses
  • Absolute privacy and full ownership
  • 100MB more space for email messages
  • Effortless operation within a web browser
  • Improved security and privacy
  • Ad-free premium support

How Do Disposable Email Addresses Work? 

Users who utilize disposable email addresses get a special, temporary email account that only receives emails for a short while. No emails are received when the email stops functioning.

This procedure protects the user's privacy and keeps spam from entering their main email account.

The only distinction is that you can obtain a temporary email address without providing your name, phone number, or any other sensitive information. Some emails, such as forms, shopping carts, and calculators, enable AMP emails.

The setup of a mail server and DNS record is typically handled by temporary email providers. You must visit their website and request your email by just demonstrating that you are not a robot.

How to Avoid LinkedIn Spam?

Following are some of the easiest ways to prevent Linked profile to avoid spam.

  1. When a connection sends you a message with a link, you will be able to see both the URL and an image. The messages I received did not reflect this at all. 
  2. Keep in mind that you can enable two-step verification by clicking Account in the Settings and Privacy section of your LinkedIn profile. You will have improved account security as a result.
  3.  Regularly modify your LinkedIn password. 
  4. 4. If you feel that you get a lot of spam, you can choose to turn off emails under Communications from your profile. Promotional material that is part of a marketing or employment campaign can be included in mail messages. These messages can be received without being linked to anyone.
  5. You can also report as spam to Linkedin at 
  6. Send the phishing emails to, then block the profile.
  7. Report the profile and simply block it


Spam messages are completely fake and dangerous as well, so to avoid them you need to follow all the tips that are mentioned earlier. I hope that you liked the article and it turns out to be helpful for you.

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