Find An Email Address in Less Than 5 Minutes [TESTED]

Find An Email Address in Less Than 5 Minutes [TESTED]
Published in : 09 Jan 2023

Find An Email Address in Less Than 5 Minutes [TESTED]

Imagine you have great products ready for your customers and you want to send them an Email Newsletter but you don't have an email list. So here is the perfect solution to finding an email in less than 5 minutes from the internet.

There are multiple ways to find the email but I am sharing the easiest and most effective ways to search emails for free

Ways to Find Email Address Free

  1. Contact Us Page
  2. The Author Page
  3. Check WHOIS Data
  4. Google My Business Profiles
  5. Facebook
  6. Twitter
  7. LinkedIn

Use The Contact Us Page To Find The Email Address

Almost every website has a contact us page which is used to contact the website/business owner. But this page is also useful to get the contact details of that specific business also. 

If you do research you can see most websites have their email addresses given on the contact us page. 

All you have to do is to make a list of websites. Make sure you find websites that are the same as your niche or they must be your targeted audience. Otherwise, all the emails you send will be useless.

The Author Page

Another important page on all websites is the author page. These kinds of pages are available on those sites that allow guest post writers or accept guest posts from readers. 

You can use Google search strings to find this kind of page.

Check WHOIS Data

Another best resource to find free emails is checking the WHOIS data. This is a famous website where you can check the details of any domain. 

So normally we can easily see the email which is used to register the domain name.  You can easily grab the email from here. 

Google My Business Profiles

In my opinion, Google My Business/Profile GMB is one of the best resources to collect email lists from the internet for free. With Google My Business you can find tons of free business emails which you can use in the email newsletter which you are going to send. 


With billion of the monthly active user, Facebook is the top social media platform. Almost every other person has a Facebook ID. So obviously they used their email address to Sign-Up for an account on FB, 

There is a number of Free Google Chrome extensions to find Email list which you can also use to scrap email list from Facebook