How To Get An Email Address Without Phone Number Verification

How To Get An Email Address Without Phone Number Verification
Published in : 06 Jan 2023

How To Get An Email Address Without Phone Number Verification

How To Get An Email Without Phone Number Verification

To register an Email Address it is important to have a valid phone number. But if you do not want to use your personal phone number to verify an email address. There is a way. 

Today we are addressing this question, how to get an email without phone number verification?

Steps To Get An Email Without Phone Number Verification

Here is the way to get an Email with our Phone number verification

  • Go to the Temp Mail Pro website
  • On the home page, we have the user-friendly Email box
  • When you open the website it will generate an Email for you
  • You can just copy the email and use it anywhere to sign-up for an account
  • No need to verify the phone number

Why Users Do Not Want To Use Their Personal Phone Numbers for Email Verification?

There are many reasons that we do not like to use our personal phone numbers to verify email addresses. 

  1. Avoid Spamming
  2. Irrelevant Advertising
  3. Unknown Emails
  4. Unknown WhatsApp Messages
  5. Online Security

Avoid Spamming

Having an email address is crucial in modern days. According to a survey, there are more than 4 Billion active emails in the world. Half of the world's population has an active email and using on daily basis. 

Because it is necessary to have one for professional use and also for personal use. 

But at the same time using our personal email everywhere is a kind of risk. Once companies or individuals get our email addresses they start spamming and sending emails. 

To avoid all kinds of online spamming we found a solution and develop this website for you. Using this website you can get Free Unlimited Temp Mail which you can use anywhere. 

Irrelevant Advertising

Email Marketing is done by all small and big businesses today. And sometimes when they have to send cold emails they buy random email lists from third-party companies. 

If you have used your personal email on any website for any kind of registration it might be possible that the email will be sold to third-party companies. 

 You will receive irrelevant emails that you do not subscribe to. By using Disposable emails you can avoid such irrelevant advertising emails.

Unknown Emails

You can expect unknown messages on your personal email if you are using your own email online. The best way is to use 10 minutes email or temp mail which you can get on our website Temp Mail Pro.

Unknown WhatsApp Messages

Yes, you can get WhatsApp messages from unknown numbers. They can use your email to find your number and send different kind of promotions which is actually not relevant to you. Or you have never shown interest in such promotions.

Online Security

This is one of the main and important concerns normally users have. It is also dangerous if you are not well aware of this kind of issue. You can read news on a daily basis about online scams.

No one wants to disclose their personal information online on the internet at any cost. But this was done many times by these third-party companies who sell users' data to advertising companies.

Here the security is compromised and people got scams online. 

The Solution

To only solution to all the above-listed issues is to use Temp Mail. With our temp mail, you can get the verification email instantly. 

It can be used anywhere online. Because our email list is not spam and it is working perfectly on all social media platforms for Sign Up.

Can I change the Email?

Yes, if you do not like the email for any reason you can just press the change button below the email box. And the tool will generate a new email for you. This time again it will not ask you for adding a phone number and verification. 

Once you copy and paste the email on any online platform you will receive the Email Verification code on our website. 

You can see the inbox of your Temp Mail just below the email box.

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